PM Systems

The corporate system of managing the project, like the all others systems of managing, includes 3 basic elements – methodology, facilities and people.

The methodological component  of the system is regulations of the project management process, which is approved by the company.

Regulations were created on the basics of international standards, particularly standards of PMBoK and describes the basic management processes of ITO-project: start-up, planning, monitoring and control (including change management), closure and establishes mandatory and recommend set of project documents, templates of the documents.

Information and technical component of corporate system of managing projects is information-analytical system "portfolio of IT projects". IAS is designed to do the following things:

  1. To ensure the transparency of the implementation of projects for all stakeholders;
  2. To fformalize indicators and assessment criteria for projects and, as a result, reduce the subjectivity of assessment of the status of projects and to ensure comparability of different projects;
  3. To provide a simple and low-cost temporally monitoring mechanism projects to leaders at all levels;
  4. To provide a better prediction of the timing and in the long term, the project budget;
  5. And, as a result, to create the preconditions for achieving the project objectives within established and controlled by time, financial and other constraints

The system is developed on the basis of a standard Microsoft Enterprise Project Management 2007 package. This is a multilevel system which includes the database server (MS SQL Server), the application server (MS Office Project Server), the Web access server (MS Windows SharePoint Services and the Project Web Access components), and also the client applications MS Project Professional and Internet Explorer.

The human dimention. Enterprise project management system somehow relates to almost all employees of the company, as implementation of IT projects is the main activity of the company "EAE-Consult." To the same extent it applies to our subcontractors, as they are the same members of the project activities.

Everybody can have the access to the system: from the performers to the senior management team.Management can independently enter into the system and in a convenient single screen grid view to see the general state of affairs. And here goes to the first place the requirement that management can trust the data that it sees.

Our project management organization department sets the quality of information  whith it's correctness, timeliness, reliability and completeness as a priority.