BI Systems

Business Intelligence information and analytical system offered by EAE-Consult is a Corporate data storage or the Analytical office. The system which is successfully maintained in Lukoil and in the Lukoil Group organizations for more than 5 years, allows to carry out the automated collecting, processing and storage of the data generated in various business processes, to form reports on the main branches of company's activity, and also guarantees reliability of information due to extra checks of the data published in various applications.

This system includes the further modules:

  • Module «The processing of operational information»;
  • Module «Catalog  of the baseline»;
  • Module «The data warehouse»;
  • Module «Reporting»;
  • Module «Data entry and control of reliability».

 The system interfaces with the following corporate information resources:

  • The corporate system of dictionaries and reference books;
  • IMS “Enterprise-wide planning and collection management reporting” (module “Scheduling cash and liquidity forecast”);
  • IMS oil and gas production equipment;
  • IS/IMS of subsidiaries;
  • IMS «Supply Chain Management» ;
  • IS “Supply chain management and sales management”

 Access to corporate data warehouse proceeds through a web interface that allows you to combine all the companies (which are the parts of the holding) into a single information space. The system uses a single way of interpreting the data and methods of collection, elimination of duplication and optimized performance of the reporting forms, and summary reports are available on all the operational business units for the  users in terms of the established regulations.