SCM Systems

Supply Chain Management control systems (SCM) are intended for automation and management of all stages of supply of the enterprise and for control of the whole commodity circulation at the enterprise.

EAE-Consult's Integrated Management System «Supply Chain Management» provides software integration for processing and sales sector of vertically integrated oil and gas company based on united corporate system of dictionaries and reference materials. The system provides the execution of the further functions:

  • Establishing and maintaining a database of purchasers of petroleum products;
  • Monitoring the sales of the product;
  • Planning the supply of crude oil and petroleum products;
  • Monitoring shipments and deliveries of crude oil and petroleum products;
  • Establishing a common database with information about the cost of transportation, handling and freight costs;
  • Providing a standardized operational and analytical reporting. The formation of a standardized reporting on paper.

IMS «Supply chain management» includes:

  • The system of multi-level monitoring. It is an automated system of the collection, processing and presentation of information on the regional oil markets of Russia, CIS and other foreign countries
  • The marketing information system. It is a specialized center for training, data collection, storage and presentation of a variety of marketing data in a structured and non-structured way.
  • The system of preparation and accounting operational target prices (X-PRICE).


The usage of this system ensures the increase of the efficiency of bidding, business processes, production planning, supply and sale of petroleum products, data collection, analysis and monitoring of actual production and the fact of supply of petroleum products, as well as the pricing of petroleum products. Control of information of petroleum products movement ensures operational management reporting, integrated at the business segment, the optimization of the distribution of oil and oil products to the places of consumption and transportation, the optimal usage of inventory and reduce delivery time petroleum products to destinations