HRM Systems

"EAE-Consult" possesses extensive experience in development, introduction and support of standard solutions on human resource management: the introduction of the integrated  standard solution – the corporate "Personnel" Integrated Management System  at Lukoil Group. The coverage of this system – 73 thousand employees of the Lukoil Group organizations, including the production, processing, sales and power industry organizations. The total number of users is about 1700. 

The implementation of this project allowed to create unique «know-how» on implementation of difficult projects in the human resource management sphere for the dispersed structures and different directions of business, especially in the conditions of bureaucratization of enterprise's processes which is typical for the large Russian companies.

Today EAE-Consult's qualified planning groups cover  a set of leading software products in the sphere of Russian HR management: SAP HR, "BOSS-Kadrovik", "1C: Salary and human resource management". All listed software solutions are ready for running  without considerable completions needed. The structure of the offered HRM systems  includes also corporate System of Distance Learning (SDO) for training events (training, testing) aimed at  professional development of employees of vertically integrated oil and gas company.