EPR Systems

EAE-Consult's enterprise resource planning systems  cover end-to-end processes of any vertically integrated oil and gas company or large manufacturing enterprise. The scheme reflects the covering of the main segments of the vertically integrated oil and gas company by SAP-based ERP-systems.


ИСУ НГДО   ИСУ «ЛУКОЙЛ»   ИСУ «Переработка»   ИСУ «Сбыт»
ИСУ «Нефтехим» ИСУ ЗРСО

Integrated Management System of Oil and Gas Company (IMS OGC) is a standard industry ERP-solution for the managing of financial and economic activity of oil company. The solution includes managing of capital construction, repair and maintenance of production assets, logistics and production service, the shipment of commercial oil, cost management, accounting and tax accounting.

The project IMS “LUKOIL” is the main project of the corporate centre OJSC “LUKOIL”. The problems are solved by operating activities in the management of the logistics, including the full cycle of cost accounting and treasury operations within this integrated system on the SAP ERP basis. The system of monitoring the correctness of the accounting and tax accounting is actualized.

ERP-solution on the SAP IMS “Conversion” is aimed at automation of control system of refining subsidiaries of vertically integrated oil companies.

“Marketing” and IMS Regional foreign sales organizations on the SAP basis ensure immediate tracing of material and value flows at the level of the central apparatus of the petroleum products enterprise and equipments of control of regional structures, accounting and tax accounting, including regulatory reporting.