One of the most important sphere of vertically integrated oil companies is bringing their product to the final consumer. The system “Marketing” is worked out  for providing the support in decision-making in the management of the sales process in Russia. Integrated management system for foreign regional marketing organizations is worked out for the foreign communications. Specialists from “EAE-Consult” implement and maintain it.

EAE-Consult's specialized systems provide automation for the following process:

  • material and cost flows operative account for oil and gas enterprise’s head office and regional structures
  •  accounting and taxes including regulated reporting
  • administrative accounting.

Marketing enterprises (petroleum products and fuel filling stations) can be included in the global informational system of vertically integrated oil and gas company because of using Typical solutions for planning, accounting, personnel management, document management, business analysis, groupware and enterprise knowledge management system. 

If our consumers want to increase effectiveness of investments and decrease the costs of implementation projects in the enterprise network of oil products and gas stations for the automation of accounting processes and controls, we can use easier solution, for example 1C system and “BOSS-kadrovik”. With the help of them financial accounting system and personnel management can be automated.

Also he specialists of "EAE-Consult" will provide the full integration with enterprise systems of "top" level, implemented on the SAP base.

ИСУ «Общекорпоративное планирование и сбор управленческой отчетности»
ИСУ «Налоговое планирование и администрирование»
ИСУ «Автоматизация казначейских операций»
ИСУ «Управление цепочками поставок»
ИСУ «Сбыт»
Лабораторная информационная система (LIMS)
Автоматизированная информационно-измерительная система
ИСУ «Персонал»
Система дистанционного обучения
Корпоративное хранилище данных
Корпоративный портал
Корпоративная система управления знаниями
Корпоративная система словарей и справочников
Корпоративная система электронного документооборота и автоматизации делопроизводства
Корпоративный электронный архив