EAE-Consult offers standard solutions for corporate management, finance, business analytics, document flow, group work systems and knowledge management for petrochemicals processing and transfer enterprises.

EAE-Conslut's solutions for oil processing and transfer companies include EPR-systems:

  • “Conversion”
  • “Management of supply chains”

The project LUKOIL is the major project of corporate center OJSC “LUKOIL”.  Issues are solved by operating activities in the management of logistics including the full cycle of cost accounting and treasury operations on the basis of SAP ERP within the framework of integrated management system. The system of monitoring the correctness of the accounting and tax accounting is realized.

ERP-decision on the basis  SAP “Conversion” is designed to automate system of managing vertically integrated oil refining subsidiaries and covers the following levels of management: corporate, industry and the level of its subsidiaries.

“Management of supply chains” is aimed to automate the management of the sale and supply of crude oil and petroleum products, and provides a single unified mechanism for receiving bids for the supply of petroleum products from customers and sales structures vertically integrated subsidiaries.

Systems of automated enterprise management system (AEMS) class solve organizational problems, including the main production processes, inbound and outbound logistics. Systems in this category are designed for short-term production planning, taking into account production capacity, product quality analysis, modeling of industrial processes. Laboratory information system on the basis of «StarLIMS» and automated information-measuring system concern to this solutions.   

ИСУ «Общекорпоративное планирование и сбор управленческой отчетности»
ИСУ «Налоговое планирование и администрирование»
ИСУ «Автоматизация казначейских операций»
ИСУ «Управление цепочками поставок»
ИСУ «ЛУКОЙЛ» ИСУ «Переработка»
ИСУ «Нефтехим»
Лабораторная информационная система (LIMS)
Автоматизированная информационно-измерительная система
ИСУ «Персонал»
Система дистанционного обучения
Корпоративное хранилище данных
Корпоративный портал
Корпоративная система управления знаниями
Корпоративная система словарей и справочников
Корпоративная система электронного документооборота и автоматизации делопроизводства
Корпоративный электронный архив