EAE-Consult provides a variety of testing procedures in order to check systems' capacities and customizability. 

New developments must undergo functional testing stage. The acceptance test procedure is held according to the agreed program and official test procedure before new information technologies would be introduced. The accuracy of improvements of existing products is regularly checking with the help of regression testing.  The stability and reliability of program systems are providing by stress testing. System and integration testing are confirming compatibility and performance of various software systems.

We use specialized HP software such as Load Runner, Quick Test Performer, Quality Center, etc. Our specialists use the leading providers’ software:

  • SAP
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • 1C
  •  other russian and international software resources.

The specialists of EAE Consult are seek for application of the most effective and up-to-date techniques of the software development (for example, Kanban). Searching, studying and usage of the better technologies are aimed at the permanent improvement of the testing product’s quality and providing our customers with the stable and functional software.