EAE-Consult's major consulting competences are:

  • Accounting and administration model development ;
  • Data and index model development.

On the “Accounting and administration model development “  EAE-Consult offers  implemention of the following types of work:

  • management accounting forms  development and methods of obtaining data for them;
  • managerial accounting policies development;
  • the necessity of  analytical sections of management reporting identification;
  • development of workflow in management accounting;
  • development of terms of Reference for the automation of the management accounting and reporting.

Development of the optimal models for enterprise data and indicators leads to the strategic fit all the resources of the enterprise: employees, business units, information technology, focusing on the implementation of their strategy.

The system of indicators developed by the consultants of “EAE-Consult” allows:

  • Correct measurement of relevant key performance indicators;
  • Setting up planning and budget system and a clear methodology for planning indicators;
  • Opportunities for the rapid identification of business processes that require optimization;
  • Reasons for the improvement of the organizational structure, building, and implementing the incentive system.