EAE-Consult's mission: "Our purpose is to support and develop our clients' business, to assist our employees' professional development and growth, to discover and advance the new effective dicrections of modern techonolgies use - for the good of society and the state".

EAE-Consult provides consulting, development, implementation and support to the industrial business-applications for the fuel-energy enterprises, major production enterprises and state organizations. That is why the keywords which compile the “EAE” abbreviation are Enterpise Applications Engineering.

Limited Liability Company EAE-Consult was founded in 2011 during the withdrawal of ancillary assets from the LUKOIL Oil & Gas Company and the reorganization of  LUKOIL-Inform – the head IT enterprise of the Group. EAE-Consult executes development, introduction and maintenance of the integrated executive systems and corporal and local area information systems.

EAE-Consult retains all the abilities, resources, procedures and organizational principles which are used to implement and maintain Group’s information systems and are being introduced within the bounds of Investment Program.

Today the company numbers more than 1000 employees. EAE-Consult Regional Offices are situated in the main Russian gas & oil areas – Saint Petersburg, Perm, Volgograd, Kstovo, Kogalym and Usinsk.

Our experience in large-scale project realization, unique blend of products and services, multiple current projects and top-class experts allow EAE-Consult to achieve its goals – to support and develop all information systems and standard solutions which are used in LUKOIL Group structures.